About Us

About Us

The Foundation for Restoration of National Values was registered on 9 June 2008, under the Societies Registration Act of 1860s.

This society strives to restore our time-tested National and Cultural values, so that people, individually as well as collectively, find an abiding inner persuasion to be truthful, ethical, patriarchal and societal in their aspirations and goals. We aspire to serve as the Torch-bearer and standard setting organization for social values, ethics and responsible living. We strive to achieve its objective of mindful living, by working with various stakeholders on different projects.

Main Aims and Objectives of the Association:

  • Dedicated towards creating more ethical value based leadership driven by conviction so that leadership with integrity creates most appropriate conditions in democracy for all around national development.
  • Aims at creating ethical leadership in the areas of business, administration, police, politics and value based education.
  • Hopes to stimulate awareness among all members of the society, about the importance of the Duties of the Indian citizens, through its actions.
  • Restore the National and Cultural Values of the country, so as to enrich and empower the Administration as well as its citizens.
  • To institute and propagate, ethical knowledge and disciplines, especially Value-based insights, as applicable to all sections of people without any distinction of gender, caste, creed or religion, with a view to promote and preserve individual, social and universal well-being, development, collective wisdom and peace.
  • To imbue on the basis of our common heritage, moral and ethical values and principles, that foster civic sense, concern for others and the environment, in members of all sections of the society without any distinction of gender, caste, creed or religion.
  • To work towards the strengthening of ethical standards in the Executive, Judiciary as well as people’s bodies and representatives, and all other agencies that interfere with citizens, and endeavor to inculcate standards, so as to enhance their ability to understand and serve the needs of society in a way that upholds and fosters the greater good.

Major Activities:

  • Filed PILs regarding “Disaster Management”, “Parliament Stalling” and “Wasteful Advertisement.”
  • Organized Musical Evenings – Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy Concert as a means of fundraising.
  • Worked with similar NGOs such as Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative in the fields of improvement in Police Reforms and Health Facilities. Published several reports regarding the same.
  • Regularly publishes newsletters and journals.
  • Launched Living Values Transformative Ideas for Change, a platform to allow concerned authorities to come together and engage in dialogue that will yield actionable and visible transformation in the fields of Governance, Administration, Education and Business.
  • Worked along with similar NGOs like CHRI and Common Cause to prepare and submit the draft of a new Police Bill 2010 for Delhi.
  • Organized Conference about “Nurturing Ethical Leadership in India”.
  • Organized Workshop on “Leading Business with Ethics and Integrity”.
  • Organized Meetings with eminent personalities including MLAs and Criminal Lawyers to advocate for improvement in Indian Police Service.
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