Where to start – Re institute Our National Values

The solution to the Values Crisis lies in the inspiration provided by the three stable pillars on which Independent India has vouched to rest firmly:

  1.  National Motto, satyameva jayate, signifying that “Truth Shall Prevail”, we choose for ourselves, in the wake of independence.
  2. National Flag that proclaims ceaselessly the message of inner sacrifice, inmost purity, and preservation of natural abundance and vitality of the earth.
  3. Fundamental Duties in the Constitution enjoining each one of us to value and uphold the composite culture of our country, and to be inspired by the great ideals that led to our National Struggle for Independence.

Together, these make an exquisite triangle encompassing all our National values, and FRNV draws its inspiration from this ocean of strength.

FRNV’s Focus and Approach

Leaders, opinion makers and people of influence from all sectors of society will be inspired so as to set in motion a collective, sustainable remedy to the value decline predicament at the National level.As the problem has its roots in the mind and intelligence, FRNV aims at stimulating change in the positions of responsibility, at a germinal level. FRNV’s thrust is on National Values disassociated from caste, creed, gender and religion.

India’s legacy is a testimony to how enlightened ascetics have always disseminated values with great tenacity. Mahatma Gandhi’s spiritual and austere splendor, which breathed immense energy into the National Struggle, is an illustrious testimony to the fact. Spiritual Magnificence gracing Administration has always had an indelible impact. In conformity with this great tradition, FRNV derives its guidance from Spiritual Luminaries of the country.

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