National Values

National Values

Our National Values consist of discipline, restraint and the ideal to stimulate the consciousness of all to achieve the following:

  1. Eradicate inner constrictions born of selfishness and greed,
  2. Imbue a warm fondness for society and concern for the collective good, and
  3. Build sufficient inner strength and character, in the individual, family and society as a whole.

Here are our National Values :

1. Do not do to another what you will not like to be done to yourself.

Aatmanah pratikoolaani pareshaam na samaacharet

This is the gist of National Values. This is a restraint-providing value. It prohibits such actions as would be harmful to oneself and the others alike. It cuts at the very root of selfishness and the delusion it throws people to. Apply this golden test in all that you think, speak and act. If every one does so, the society will virtually be a haven of peace!

This one principle will make all kinds of misdeeds, corruption, neglect, laziness and inattention extinct. It will lead the Administration and the Nation straight to an ethical stability, a new level of efficiency, integrity, cohesion and welfare.

Within the same duration of efforts, the National output will begin to enhance greatly. Performance will not be motivated by any external material incentives, but a direct result of inner awakening and response, they derive from the Nation’s Value Call. Every one should remember that the family and descendants of those heeding the call, will also benefit from this salutary effect.

2. Non-hurting, truthfulness, non-stealing, hygiene and sensory regulation are the epitome of our National Values and virtues, to sustain all-fold good, welfare and growth.

3. Human embodiment is meant to gain the treasure of values. Preserve the body with nourishing food, exercise and rest, employing it more in the service of others than for your own needs.

Paropakaaraartham idam shareeram (This body is meant for the service of others)

This is a proverbial poetic line, fervently recited by many, fostering fondness and devotion to the country’s composite cultural heritage. The message here is meant to enrich the mind with expansion, fellow feeling and benevolence.

Many parents still sing this hoary value to their young children. This clearly evidences that the great legacy is not lost, but only to be restored. thereby proclaiming the relevance of FRNV’s Mission.

This value is sure to inspire the mind to abandon self-aggrandizing thoughts, and nurture sound noble feelings for others around. Let the great lesson that the human body is meant to cater to and strive for the welfare of others be known to more and more people. Disregarding this dictum, if the body is employed only to chase and fulfil selfish personal ends, it will be vitiating the very dignity of human life, will verily be a mental and ethical suicide!

Mutuality and sharing are the unique gift humans are bestowed with. It is because of our vocal system and brain that we are able to think well, articulate our thoughts and feelings, and act in tune with both. Cohesion between the mind, mouth and senses is something rare for human life.

Applying this value, our first attitude should be to regard our body as an invaluable means to help and serve others. Every one has to be as much societal in his vision as possible. Not to be so is irrational. It is a clear violation of all human and National values.

4. The riches of the noble are meant for helping and serving the others

Paropakaaraaya sataam vibhootayah

This value dictum lays down that the wealth acquired or inherited by the noble, are to be liberally employed for ‘the service of people’, society.

To feel ownership or proprietorship over wealth, and hence to use it blindly for selfish ends alone, is sternly disapproved by our National Values. It degrades the possessor as well as the ones who inherit such wealth. The vicious effects do not stop with the possessor alone!

It is necessary to know that any wealth derived, is, in truth, because of and from the society. Society alone is at the back of any one’s lucrative endeavour, no matter of what kind it is. Any goods or services are verily availed of by the society, by paying the necessary price, charges, fees, etc. It is this response from the society that makes any supplier or producer rich, resourceful. The compensation may be direct or indirect. Nonetheless, it comes from the society alone.

Thus all those possessing wealth, in any measure, owe it, first and last, to the society. No employee and employer can, therefore, ignore their societal indebtedness. The question is whether he has the prudence and sensibility to know this fact.

Being so, if the rich do not employ their riches for the benefit of the society, it will be grave ungratefulness, which is self-destroying. It is a serious ethical default, a crime indeed, and is bound to have its downgrading effect on the possessor of wealth.

Many may be ignorant of this value, but ignorance of law is no excuse for non-compliance or violation. Thus the rich is unquestionably guilty of grave value violation.

The adage “Resources of the rightful people are meant for serving and helping others” has come to be adored in this land for this reason. By employing resources for the service of others, one’s heart and mind beget expansion, gain delight and fulfilment. These are direct and instant rewards, unlike those promised by religion, which are said to favour one after death.

Any value, to be meaningful and relevant, should weld one with the society around, bring expanse to the mind and elevation to the intelligence. Our National Values excel in this mission.

5. Your family does not consist of those of blood and matrimony alone. Embrace the whole society in your heart – “The whole of earth constitutes our family” is the adage.

Vasudhaiva kutumbakam

6. Interested keenly in the welfare of all others.

Sarvabhoota-hite rataah

This is another acclaimed value dictum. This is enjoined even on ascetics and renunciates. In the name of ascetic life given solely to spiritual enlightenment and dispassion, one is not allowed to be indifferent to the welfare of those living around him. The society needs multiple contributions from a variety of sources. Every one should earnestly strive to fulfil one or more of these.

Food, shelter and clothing are but physical needs, of the body and senses. But the human personality is far deeper, hosting the mind, intelligence and ego. Each of these has its own needs, relevant to its content and structure. Like physical needs, the needs of mind, heart and intelligence, should also receive due attention.

Be a channel to fulfil any or some of these. The principle also takes us to think of the integral character of our earth. We should not impair the earth in anyway; instead preserve its greenery and contents, so that it will be left as the same benevolent planet, as it is before us. Only then the planet will remain a veritable treasure for countless generations.

This means that we have to be very rational, scientific and far-sighted about employing, utilizing and harnessing Natural Resources. Let us not do anything to deplete the earth indiscreetly on any front. We should not lack sensibility on this grave front.

None has a right to be driven by selfish possessiveness, so as to adversely affect others’ needs and welfare. Criminal law forbids one from raising his hand, if that will hit another. Value enunciation also sternly disallows any selfish move, which interferes with the other’s needs and welfare.

If those lending themselves to corruption and misconduct, will think every time about the evil consequences of what they propose to do, their conscience would be aroused and the whole picture is bound to change.

Can an individual’s selfish gain, which robs others of their due benefit, be permissible to any one’s conscience? Our planet hosts many alike, and none can breed a motivation, which results in an affront to another like him. No individual can live alone. Collectivity is at the back of any one’s life. No one should ignore the obligations this brings.

Such value thoughts and responses cannot but bring a greater, loftier dimension to the heart. All cultural National Values aim at such an expansion and benevolence.

7. Knowledge is the Supreme Wealth and Strength. Unbridled prosperity and ostentation debilitate the mind and intelligence.

8. There is no precept greater than Truthfulness.

Naasti satyaat-paro dharmah

Truthfulness demands that (i) the invisible thoughts (ii) audible words and (iii) visible actions must always be mutually complementary. They must make a benevolent harmonious whole. By thoughts, speech and action, every one should aim at the right pursuit of his role, which must be a hearty contribution to the society’s enrichment. Is it really becoming so? If it is not, why not? What is the factor that prevents the individual from being truthful and loyal to the Nation, friendly and courteous to the people? This kind of self-examination is the crux of all Value thoughts and considerations.

Can any ‘ethical person’ afford to be rude, unmindful, hard, deceitful and selfish in his behaviour and activities? Truthfulness does not host any kind of stealth at all. Truthfulness is the synopsis of the entire National Values. That is why we have adopted satyaat-naasti paro dharmah as FRNV’s motto.

9. Do not use Nature’s resources injudiciously. Guard against their undue depletion. Do not pollute earth, water, and air. Preserve and bequeath the treasure to succeeding generations.

10. Earth’s greenery is vital to life. Preserve forests, gardens and fields. Remember: “One tree is equivalent to ten children.”

11. Mother and Motherland are greater than even heaven.

Jananee janmabhoomischa sargaadapi gareeyasee

So do not entertain or allow any thought, word, or deed harmful to the Nation. This is a paramount value, which places Nationalism and patriotism in a pedestal, that excels even the best religious rewards. Let religious thoughts remain where they are. In loving the Motherland, and striving to make any adjustments, self-denials and sacrifices, no Indian should lag behind and plead guilty. Every one has to be in the forefront. Motherland and the other Nationals are the first to count. Do not court dilution or disregard in this simple, but great value.

Our National Values extend further to incorporate a number of significant virtues, which have the sole aim of empowering the individual with inner enrichment, sublimation, delight and fulfilment. These are so inspiring, that on no account whatever, an individual can think of disturbing, denying or harming another’s life, not to speak of harming the Nation, particularly yielding to selfish thoughts or gains. The aim is to make the individual mind and heart rejoice over the welfare of others.

Harishchandra’s steadfastness in truthfulness, the great inspiration in Mahatma Gandhi’s life, Sri Rama’s forest exile and abandonment of Seeta, to cite a few, are illustrious instances, which have become the warp and woof of our characteral and behavioural culture. These are the touchstone for value lovers, whenever they face confrontations.

Human mind has sterling capacity to withstand, assimilate, outlive and overcome any onslaught, outer or inner, and triumph over any vicissitude of evil persuasion, ambition or propulsion. Mind is truly vaster and deeper than the sky. Its potential is infinite.

Weld individual life with society’s. Be a harmonious blend. This is the one message of all our Values and exhortations.

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