Corporate Integrity

Corporate Integrity

In today’s capitalist economy, all corporations aim to make it big and continuously strive for profits. There is nothing wrong with such ambitions, however it is despicable that these ambitions are often pursued unethically.

It is no secret that corporate giants often go out of their way to earn profits. There have been numerous instances where workers were not allowed to unionize, were made to live and work in pathetic conditions, and were not granted sick leaves. In the corporate world where ethics are so quickly declining, it becomes important to change the status quo and revive a humane culture in the work environment. There is thus need for corporate integrity –corporations all over the world must be encouraged and pushed towards adopting a code of ethics that makes the process of production and purchase fair in all senses.

How is integrity measured and how do we know if a corporation believes in integrity?
It is reflected in the manner a corporation conducts itself in dealing with its customers, employees, shareholders, and with the general public. A corporation is ethical when it cares for the people that work for it and for the people it works for, hires technology that aims at making the world a better place, seeks to reinforce values like justice, and looks down upon any act of misconduct. Organizations with integrity have significantly fewer observed instances of misconduct, and substantially higher reporting rates, where misconduct is observed.

At the Foundation for Restoration of National Values, we believe that corporate integrity is important to attain sustainable development. We seek to stimulate the inner consciousness of corporate leaders and want to underpin the point that there is enough for everyone’s needs, but not for their greed. We strive to maintain a high level of transparency within our organisation, and look forward to helping corporate leaders in exercising restraint and building an inner strength to conduct their businesses with fairness and transparency.

Keeping this aim in mind, FRNV held a one-day workshop on Leading Businesses with Ethics and Integrity at Lalit Hotel on April 8, 2016. Senior Business Executives from major PSUs and private sector, lawyers, and representatives from audit companies participated in the event. The president of FRNV, ‘Metro Man’ Dr E. Sreedharan exhorted participants to follow the highest standards of ethics and professional competence. Other speakers included Shri Bharat Wakhlu, General Secretary of FRNV, legal counsel, Anand Dayal, Divya Rajput of Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Subir Gupta of ERM and many others.

In future, FRNV will work

  • To ensure that interactive workshops on ethics and integrity with Business Executives becomes a regular affair.
  • Conduct training for PSUs and Private companies within the comfort of their office space

We wish to be a standard setting organisation for bringing together the companies that conduct business ethically.

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