Friends of FRNV

Friends of FRNV

Friends of FRNV

How you can be a part of FRNV?

This is a call to every citizen of this country, who feels proud of being an Indian. If you wish to be part of this movement, there are several ways to do so.

  • This movement is to rekindle inspiration in the society to draw upon the values ingrained in our culture and heritage. The best contribution to the movement would be to express your solidarity in thought, word, and deed. Spread the word about this movement amongst those closest to you.
  • You may endorse the aims and objectives of the movement by joining FRNV as a ‘FRIEND of FRNV’. FRNV will update you with its activities and you will find greater opportunities to take part in the movement. Please contact us for details.
  • FRNV has established regional chapters in several important cities of the country. Do contact the local / closest FRNV chapter to discuss what you can do further to aid the movement.
  • Such a foundational movement is not possible without firm support from like-minded citizens. Any contributions may please be made through a cheque/DD in favour of “Foundation for Restoration of National Values,” and sent it to our office address.
  • You can become a ‘Friend of FRNV’.

Friend of FRNV

“Friends are those who share their interests and concerns, and strive to fulfil timely needs with zeal and integrity. It is such friendship that helps in accomplishing the needs of even society and nation.”

  • A Friend of FRNV expresses his/her solidarity with the FRNV objectives in word, action, and deed.
  • A Friend wholeheartedly commits himself/herself to imbibing our National Values.
  • Friend of FRNV is a citizen dedicated to the Value Inculcation movement in our country.
  • A Friend will consciously work towards spreading the word about this movement amongst other citizens.
  • Such a Foundational Movement is not possible without the firm support of like-minded citizens. A Friend of FRNV may also send contributions to support the activities of the Foundation.

How to become a Friend of FRNV?

  1. Download the application form Friends Registration Form.
  2. Complete the application form and email to us at or Register online for become a Friend of FRNV

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