Values Based Education

Values Based Education

Values based Education (VBE) is an approach to teaching that works with values. It creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic attainment and develops students’ social and relationship skills that last throughout their lives. Considering dearth of values in the growing kids today and how people are not concentrating on value based living, valued based education right from the growing days becomes utmost important.

At the Foundation for Restoration of National Values (FRNV) we believe, values are the cornerstone of humanity and students who do not absorb good basic values are in the danger of alienation and becoming anti-social. The education system has to help them develop a social conscience as well as an individual conscience, and those things will come to their rescue, when they are faced with difficult external situations or have to take important decisions in life.

The hallmark of FRNV’s flagship VBE programme is to develop an education ecosystem that decides to embark upon value based living. The other important element of the programme is our focus on introducing ‘Living Values’ in schools. Living values are demonstrating values, and not just limiting education to classes, tutorials, or exams. The central prerogative of FRNV is to sensitize the student community to our ecology, fellow citizens, ideas of hygiene and cleanliness; discipline and belonging to the nation. While some schools have designed programs for the same, FRNV intends to complement it, by providing it with deeper horizons.

We, at the Foundation, are dedicated to creating a more ethical and value-based leadership, in all walks of life. Our work is driven by the conviction that leadership with integrity creates the most appropriate conditions for our democracy. There needs to be the eradication of corruption and a restoration of our time-tested values so that people, individually as well as collectively, find an abiding inner persuasion to be truthful, ethical, and patriotic and committed to the wholesome development of the Nation. Through our project we seek to cultivate in the students the habits of coexistence; importance to adhere to and uphold National Values, National Flag, National Motto, and Anthem. Our approach thus is communitarian in its orientation so as to ensure the holistic personality development of the children.


Event on Co-creation of National Value-based Education System

FRNV on the Teachers’ Day September 5, 2010, organized an event for co-creation of a value-based education system for schools, Sri Tajendra Khanna (Lt. Governor, GNCT of Delhi), Dr. Kiran Bedi, IPS, Dr. E. Sreedharan and some noted educationists were present along with Principals/Teachers/Management of more than 100 Schools. It was unequivocally felt that imbibing of values is meaningless unless the stakeholders connected with the student become actual role-models. Based on the studies, pilots, workshops conducted so far and deliberations/learnings from this event, the Value Education Taskforce of the Foundation is now ready to launch a framework on ‘National Value-based Education Implementation’.

Workshop to Co-create Standards of Integrity for the Educational Ecosystem

A workshop was held on 22nd August 2009 in New Delhi to jointly co-create standards of values for inculcation in the School Education System. Close to 40 individuals, including parents, principals, teachers, students, school management, policy makers, participated in the half-day event. In 6 groups, the participants deliberated upon values each of the different stakeholders needs to ‘imbibe and live’ towards creating a value-based society.

The next step is to compile the findings of the workshop to create Value Standards for the whole Nation’s Education System to adopt.
The workshop focused on the following key questions:

  • What are the values I should be living in order to create a value-based society?
  • What are the enablers and obstacles to value inculcation?
  • What are my expectations from the other stakeholders in the education ecosystem?
  • What are my commitments to the other stakeholders in the education ecosystem?

Survey in Shree Ram Global School, Gurgaon and Dehradun

The Foundation for Restoration of National Values (FRNV) conducted a study in partnership with Shri Ram Global School (SRGS)Gurgaon and Dehradun branches, to study the effectiveness of its 7Cs program. The 7Cs program, in operation for seven odd years now, in every branch of the school, is based on the concept that school education curriculum should be based on certain values, which is important to inculcate in children. The 7Cs program focuses on seven cardinal principles: Compassion, Collaboration, Confidence, Curiosity, Courage, Commitment and Critical thinking. Our study shows, this program has been very effective in moulding the character and personality of the students by enhancing their dignity and self worth. Values such as love, care and compassion have been successfully induced in the children by actively engaging the teachers, parents, school administration and the management.

Our study also points out that there are some gap areas such as critical thinking and problem solving skills, and Value such as punctuality, which needs special attention, from teachers as well as parents.

For close to a decade now, FRNV has been advocating Values Based Education (VBE) in schools as we believe that Values if instilled and demonstrated visibly by all stakeholders in the school ecosystem, will eventually lead to the creation of a society where people, individually as well as collectively are  truthful, ethical, and patriotic. Thus the entire society is committed to the wholesome development of the Nation.

For complete details of the study, please see the link below:

We have developed Self Assessment Index for students and teachers to understand their existing Values.

We have also developed a set of indicators to test the success of our programme, which will be put to test before and after the intervention.

Beginning January 2017, we will also identify and start pilot in four government schools of Haryana.

FRNV has identified four schools in Delhi, namely SKV, Hauz Rani, SKV, Malviya Nagar, DUSC Maurice Nagar; and GBSSS, New Ashok Nagar. A workshop was also conducted with the teachers of these schools in June 2017 by Dr. Seema Pawar- Project Director (VBE).

For detailed report  on the Teachers’ Workshop, please follow the link  Teachers Workshop Report


Schools: Join us in our endeavours to co-create a value education eco-system in your school/college
Volunteers: Join our team as a Volunteer Member to contribute in our different activities.

Researchers on Value Education: Researchers / Scholars on the subject “Value Education” are welcome to conduct and contribute their studies with us.


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