1 ) Why the Value Inculcation Pursuit.

No country or people can exist, conduct and function without help, guidance and anchor of Law. Any society becomes organized and equipped to act and interact collectively, only when there is a proper founding on stable law. Law, to be authentic and effective, has to be based upon sound values and principles. To arrive at them in a rational, stable manner, experience, observation, introspection and finding are necessary. It is the distinct contribution of the Intelligence, which alone is equipped with the skill of enquiry, investigation and right deductions.

Truthfulness, propriety and ethics, freedom, collectivity and mutuality, goodness and benevolence, these are the bedrock of fundamental values for any society. Any pronouncement or enactment must conform to these values. Only then will their intrinsic worth to demand adherence and loyalty from the people. Thus the laws of a country embody values, bearing upon the individual, family and society. They also embody matters like the earth and environment, ecology and allied factors, which are impacted by our behaviour. Value enforced upon the people, imposing penalty for violation or abuse, becomes Law. For this reason, laws fulfil the need for values and their adherence.

Why should then we need anything like culture or cultural values to ensure peaceful, free and active life?

The question is fundamental. The answer is equally so. We have laws enforcing truthfulness, fairness and propriety in our conduct and interaction. Yet the opposites rule, where they should not. We have the anti-corruption law. Yet corruption is greatly in vogue. India is one of the most corrupt countries. Why so?

Law enforces every one not to indulge in corruption. Law enforcement machinery is also there, to take action, wherever necessary. Yet, why corruption still rules the mind of National functionaries?

Goodness and honesty, love and sympathy, tolerance and respect for others, mutuality in outlook, consideration for Nature and environment, cannot be brought about by mere legislation. That is why allegiance to Culture and Cultural Values, and the consequent inspiration and strength, are sought to be instilled in the people. The number of people wedded to truthfulness must far outnumber the others fearing punishment for untruthfulness. Truthfulness should become the cultural refinement of people. Only then the society will be safe and secure. This can be achieved only by the influence of Morality and Ethics.

What Value inspiration achieves, law may not, will not.

In the 60 years after independence, the Cultural and National value-hold on people, especially on those who dispense with the country’s fortune in various levels, has steadily declined to precipitate the present distress. Let us exhort the people widely and eloquently to heed the Nation’s Cultural Values, which have the power to elevate, enrich and fulfil their hearts and minds. The heritage of the land still has its invisible, subtle hold on the core of our people’s hearts. It will emerge vibrantly and work the magic we so much need.

The need for Cultural Values Inculcation is indispensable, obvious too. The earlier it is done, the better. No religious bias should be brought in the matter. We want the Nation to be clean, brilliant, efficient and honest. Our people should love this land, its esteemed heritage. They should display their allegiance, at home, in office and in public. They should deal with utmost care and attention the Nation’s properties ranging from roads and buildings to all educational, medical, research and other centres, made by tax payers’ money, for which the Government and the people, are answerable.

If cultural reinforcement can help in this mammoth task, is it not welcome a thousand times?

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