External References

External References

Electoral Reforms

1 ) Proposed Electoral Reforms (Source: Election Commission of India)

2 ) Reform of the Electoral Laws (Source: 170th Report of Law Commission of India)

Elections, Voting & Candidates

1 ) Model Code of Conduct for the guidance of Political parties and candidates (Source: Source: Election Commission)

2 ) A guide for the Voters (Source: Election Commission)

3 ) Know your candidate (Source: National Election Watch)

4 ) Information about MPs (Lok Sabha 2004 – Facts and Figures) (Source: ADR India)

5 ) List of candidates with Criminal Records (Source: National Election Watch)

6 ) Know your constituency and candidates (Source: Indian Elections)

Administrative Reforms

1 ) Second Administrative Reforms Commissions Reports (Source: Dept. of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances)

National Value Education

1 ) National Resource Cenre on Value Education (Source: Ministry of Human Resources Development)

Police Reforms

1 ) Supreme Court’s Judgement on Police Reforms in WPC 310/1996 (Source: Supreme Court of India)

2 ) PADC Proposed Bill – The Model Police Act, 2006 (Source: Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India)

3 ) The Police Act, 1861 (Source: Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India)

4 ) First draft of the Delhi Police (Ammendment) Bill, 2010 (Source: Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India)

5 ) The Delhi Police Act, 1978 (Source: Delhi Police)

6 ) The Kerala Police Bill, 2010 (Source: Delhi Police)

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