Inner Value Enrichment — Key to Human Resources Development

Inner Value Enrichment — Key to Human Resources Development

True, our country has progressed in many fields. We are also poised for further growth and advancement. In fact, to grow is an indispensable law of nature. Bereft of growth, any beneficial activity is sure to stagnate and be extinct before long. Extinction is the only alternative to sustained growth!

But, what is real growth, which the individual and the society alike should aspire for? Will the expansion and advancement in industry, trade, commerce and agriculture – upon which rests the land’s overall productivity – verily lead to true sustainable growth anywhere in the globe? The question deserves far more attention than it is generally given.

Any growth, to be vibrant and wholesome, must inevitably ensure the inner all-fold expansion and elevation of the individual, which should rightly reflect in all facets of his life – personal, domestic, professional and social.

Admittedly, food and nourishment are a primary need of one and all. Even when these are amply there, will one achieve the fulfillment he looks for?

Well, the inner mind, intelligence and ego have their own undeniable needs, which are even more fundamental and powerful than the external bodily ones. Can any one disregard these any time? In fact, the body and its parts are but an instrument the inner mind employs for its own chosen purposes. Thus, every time, with respect to whatever we do, the source as well as the terminus is the mind and intelligence within – a point not sufficiently understood, and much less heeded by proponents of development in general!

This is what makes the subject of Inner Resources Development greatly relevant, nay supremely important! For this reason, Human Resources Development must assume a much greater dimension in delineating the cannons of growth and advancement in general, and in particular with respect to industries and professional life.

Therefore, those dealing with the subject of sustained growth need to incorporate more fundamental thoughts, in evolving and implementing their developmental programmes. A well directed exposure has to be provided at various levels, so that all concerned will begin to outgrow their conventional constrictions and imbibe ‘comprehensiveness’ or ‘inclusiveness’ in their thoughts about growth and development.

It is a fundamental requirement that the individual is persuaded to focus on a comprehensive development of his personality. Only when the individuals are able to incorporate deeper and broader dimensions in themselves, the society’s development will also embody a parallel note.

‘Comprehensiveness or inclusiveness’ will thus have to be the watchword for true development in any sphere of national and global life.

We established the CIRD (Centre for Inner Resources Development) with the specific aim of dealing with this vital missing link in Human Resources Development, by generating sufficient awareness in Management, Administration, Industry, Education and other sectors of national life, so that a greater endeavour to bring about sustained inner growth of individuals and thereby of the society will be facilitated.

In reality, our National Cultural Values have the sole object of enriching and empowering the inner human constituents, namely mind, intelligence and heart. As an individual thinks of himself, so should he be persuaded to think of the others around. In other words, one’s thoughts, feelings and aspiration should not remain individualistic alone. Every time and in everything alike, they have to be inclusive, comprehensive.

As one inevitably thinks of his family members, so too he should have a loving concern for the others around him, be it in the professional or the societal front. Such widening concern will generate an undeniable affinity, resulting instantly in expansion and cohesiveness in his personality. With that, the mind’s strength, readiness and compulsion enhance tremendously. Remember, for any adult, the growth cannot be in his body. It is only in his inner conscious faculties.

Thus, let there be a close blend of oneself with the others, the much needed note of cohesion for gaining development in any walk of life. In other words, one should constantly cherish a strong spirit of mutuality and collectivity in his thoughts, words and deeds. Once this is ensured, he becomes the most fit to help and lead others.

Loyalty is a fundamental quality of an endearing and effective mind. As to one’s family, you must have unflinching loyalty to the Nation, the place of work, the Organization or Administration you belong to. Gratefulness and dedication are an integral part of an amiable and trustworthy human.

With these cardinals of inner growth and advancement, the mind will be able to generate and provide adequate inspiration to achieve anything classical, lasting and exemplary.

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