Value Education

Value Education

National Value Education

Background : India represents a distinct civilization, which have lived gloriously for millennia, with not only material prosperity but also an inestimable inner spiritual affluence that far excels all worldly possessions. India has time-tested values, imbuing the individual with societal expanse and compulsions, enhancing the cohesive potential of the Nation… More

Introduction : The National Value Eco-system for Education Task-force is working with primary objective of Policy level inclusion of value education and enabling its effective Implementation in school education ecosystem.

The Task Force has done extensive study on present status of Value Education in country and also conducted series of workshops to bring awareness towards the urgent need for Values amongst the various stakeholders in the education…More

Recommendations : The task force proposes to develop Code of Ethics for all stakeholders (Policy makers, School Management/Administrators, Principals, Teachers, Students, Parents) to create an ecosystem where Values & Ethics can be sustainably implemented…More

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